Their Story

In 2016, after hitting some roadblocks with original music and deciding that playing in the cover/club scene was not in his heart, Tony Rossi wanted something new . Driven by the desire to form a band that brought together a unique mix of musicians, he began the long road to what would lead him to Changing Tymz . A  journey that required time and patience as the right band would be born in the collaboration of musicians willing to prove their passion, musical talent, faith, direction and ability to work together as an integral and equal piece of the process . This in itself would take over 3 years .

During this same time period, guitarist Timmy Wysong was looking to find an accomplished drummer to join his former band, Hate Remains . Connecting through a music search, Tony submitted an audition piece for the band at Timmy’s request . Although things didn’t work out for Hate Remains, Tony and Timmy discovered a respect for each other’s talents and decided to begin collaboration .     

Adding vocalist Matt Martin to the group, the band was now beginning to take shape and the direction of the band’s sound became clear . Originally striving for a heavier and darker sound, the addition of Matt’s voice and unique style allowed them to dig deeper in the roots of true metal, and melodic fashion to create a mix of modern and classical metal . 

All the while, bass player Bryan McQuade was also looking for a change and placed an ad on Craigslist .  Seeing the posting, the band reached out and asked him to submit an original bassline for the song "Stand Up" . Taking his chances, Bryan sat down to write, submitted a piece … and a bass player was found .  

Now at four members strong, all that was needed was another guitarist to add to the line-up . Knowing whoever it was needed to be the right fit, after several auditions and more than a year later, the band finally welcomed Eric Fenton in November of 2019 .

Five talented musicians, having never met before, all from different backgrounds, cemented by desire and passion for the music is what made this line-up work so well, they officially released their 5 track EP in February of 2020, as well as moving toward the release of their full-length debut album .

Keep your eyes and ears open for future information as The music world has only begun to see the beginning of Changing Tymz !

Changing Tymz

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Member Profiles

Tony Rossi - Drums & Percussion

Tony Rossi - Drums & Percussion

Starting at age, 7 Tony brings a lifetime of experience and a love for music passed down from his late father . Following his father’s footsteps, he excelled in big band and jazz and at 12 years of age was playing with his father in wedding and party bands . With his father’s connections, at age 14, Tony had 2 sessions with his earliest influence “Buddy Rich”, who put the passion for greatness in his soul . In Senior High he joined a band that lasted 4 years covering Rush, Yes, Led Zeppelin, The Who and ELP . From there, Heavy Metal grabbed his attention and that, coupled with the endurance and discipline learned in martial arts, put the aggressiveness in his style . Working with his brother Pete on numerous projects gave lots of room to develop his heavy progressive feel .

 What makes Tony stand out beyond his dynamic technical ability, impeccable timing, high energy and speed are his creative writing skills – developed from an interest in a diverse spectrum of music . 

Tony has been on recordings with George Lynch, Pamela Moore, and Dave Rude, as well as a recording and performing member of Sanxtion, the Ronny Munroe Band, BMR (Black Mass Rising) and both CD's by his late brother Pete Rossi (RIP) .  He also did the recording performance on Third Voice's latest CD, recorded 9 tracks as a guest on Reverence's 1st CD and also had filled in on some live shows with Reverence in the past .

 Now, once again the fire has been lit, and in these Changing Tymz, Tony has found an excitement and passion, seasoned with experience and freedom to create music that will deliver his highest combination of writing and performance .

Timmy Wysong - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Timmy Wysong - Guitars & Backing Vocals

Born in Alma, Michigan, Timmy is an American metal/rock guitarist.  Growing up as part of a family with a rich musical background, he picked up his first guitar at the age of 5 and has never looked back .

Releasing his first solo CD in 2015, titled “Of Man and Beast”, he  has played with notable bands such as Jaded Heart, Blind Guardian, Crash Test Dummies, Lou Diamond Phillips & The Pipe Fitters, Screaming Cheetah Wheelies, The Untouchables, The Drifters and The Platters . His expansive career has led to the formation of different bands along the away, and Timmy has held lead guitar positions for Slam Shut, Loreseed, Hate Remains and Self Inflikted .

Despite having only one hand, Timmy is most notably known for his extreme tapping, bending and tremolo techniques. He is versed with both 6 and 7 string guitars and is able to meld the two seamlessly in his writing style . 

Thrilled to now be a part of Changing Tymz, Timmy brings his unique style of blues, classic rock, metal and today's modern metal licks . He is a unique guitarist and hopes his fans will find the talents he brings to the band interesting and enlightening, yet motivating .

Bryan McQuade - Bass & Backing Vocals

Bryan McQuade - Bass & Backing Vocals

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, listening to the music of Judas Priest, Ozzy Osborne, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth and Savatage, Bryan’s dream of playing metal began at an early age .  That dream never went away, but it would be quite a journey to get there . 

Spending years singing in school and church choirs, along with anything else that came on the radio, his career accidentally began one night in a Southeast Ohio bar when the band’s lead singer got cold feet and simply didn’t show up .  Standing on stage that night with just lyric sheets and an attitude, he suddenly became the new front man for White Wolf .  His time with the band lasted about two years before deciding he wanted to further his skills as a musician .  It was then Bryan purchased a used Yamaha bass along with a cheap Fender amp and began teaching himself to play .  Using the next several years focusing on his craft, he spent time playing 80’s covers and original hair metal with bands such as Unameus and Spectra . 

Unfortunately, an unexpected 10 year hiatus caused him to lay his bass down and put music on hold . During this time, Bryan’s desire to create music stayed with him and when he was ready, eased back into the music scene playing with bands such as Consensual Six, Vengeance and Rock Noggin .  In 2012, fully ready to jump back in and as an avenue to escape from reality while having fun entertaining people, Bryan created the 80’s cover band, Holy Spicoli .

After years of captivating audiences in Southern Ohio, it was time for Holy Spicoli to take a brake and for Bryan to get back to metal . Looking for a band in Columbus, he placed an ad on Craigslist that caught the attention of Timmy Wysong . Once Timmy and Bryan connected, the first task was for Bryan to audition by composing an original bass line to "Stand Up" .  He must have done something right, as the band then sent him "Emptiness" and the rest, as they say…. is history . It seemed to be the perfect fit and Changing Tymz had their bass player . 

Bryan’s equipment includes: Music Man Bass, Warwick Bass, Ampeg SVT Head and SVT Pro 4 Cabinet, Sennheiser IEM . 

Eric Fenton - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Eric Fenton - Guitars

Hailing from PA, Eric Fenton brings in the perfect dynamics, with a crushing tone and a unique blend of metal, rock and blues licks .


While in 7th grade, Eric had broken his leg while attending football camp, which rendered him to be in a leg cast for 9 months. With really nothing to do, and with being stuck in a cast, he decided to pick up the guitar for the first time .  After a month of listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and playing guitar, he heard his first Metallica song, and hasn't looked back since .


His influence's include Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen just to name a few . Past bands are Heathen (1984-PA), Speedkill (1986-PA), Avarice (1992-OH), Black Bone Cat (1995-OH), Radio Zombie (2000-OH) .


Looking to take his career to the next level, he sought out an original metal/rock band that shared the same passion to succeed, and was welcomed into Changing Tymz November of 2019, and is currently writing new material for their upcoming full length debut album .